Art Work

to/one skincare series
Kiyoshi Ishida
Cosmetics, Perfumes
to/one skincare series Application company: underline graphic inc.Kiyoshi Ishida

JPDA / JP-1077

Client: MASH Beauty Lab Co., Ltd.
Credit Titles:
cl. MASH Beauty Lab Co., Ltd. pr. Mitsuru Ogi ecd. Kiyoshi Ishida cd. ENLIGHTENMENT ad. d. Harumi Sasaki d. Yurika Dohi il. Kanako Sasaki
An organic and natural skincare series to/one is based on a flower theme. The skincare bottle is inspired by a vase. Skincare to skin is like a vase to flowers. Both are foundational. The smooth shape has a matte texture, and the figure is easy to grip. These are made of recycled PET bottles and glass materials. The box is made with original organic paper developed using close to zero chemicals.