Art Work

HYGGE candle
Kiyoshi Ishida
Household commodities, Varieties, Medicines
HYGGE candle Application company: underline graphic inc.Kiyoshi Ishida

JPDA / JP-1076

Client: MASH Beauty Lab Co.,Ltd.
Credit Titles:
cl. MASH Beauty Lab Co.,Ltd. pr. Mitsuru Ogi ad. Kiyoshi Ishida d. Harumi Sasaki d. Yurika Dohi il. Harumi Sasaki supplier. Daiyo Ltd.
This is packaging designed for candles the theme is HYGGE. The word HYGGE describes the calm and relaxed way of life in Denmark. Inspired by moments spent relaxing at home, the packaging is in the shape of a house. When displayed in-store, the line of houses creates the image of a Danish townscape. The hand-painted roof and logo add further to the warm atmosphere.