Art Work

Kazutoshi Amano
Household commodities, Varieties, Medicines
STIIK Application company: P.K.G.Tokyo Inc.Kazutoshi Amano

JPDA / JP-1099

Client: ko design concept
Credit Titles:
ad. Kazutoshi Amano (P.K.G.Tokyo) d. kad ltd./P.K.G.Tokyo pd. Eiji Sumi (Design Water) pl. Kenji Wada (A DESIGN LAB) pr. Daiki Koshiba (ko design concept)
Only one chopstick is found on this unique packaging. Usually, one set of chopsticks is used by one person in Japan. However, STIIK chopsticks are aimed to be shared by several people like folk and spoon. The packaging says this concept “Chopsticks like cutlery”, showing only one stick on the packaging. 10 set carton box can be stacked like food market.