Art Work

Matsukiyo Toilet paper
Yoshihiko Miyagi
Household commodities, Varieties, Medicines
Matsukiyo Toilet paper Application company: InterbrandYoshihiko Miyagi

JPDA / JP-1152

Client: Matsumotokiyoshi
Credit Titles:
cd. William Woduschegg cd. Hideto Matsuo ad. Yoshihiko Miyagi pl. Yusuke Arai d. Sayaka Ichiki d. Koici Fujimura d. Kanako Yaginuma
In Japan, buying toilet paper is embarrassing. So we decided to turn convention on its head. We boldly redesigned leading drugstore brand Matsukiyo’s toilet paper, wrapping the rolls in unique, eye-catching graphics including photos of a baby, a beatbox, a bag of veggies, and a ripped six-pack. From something to hide, we made toilet paper something you show off proudly, a fashionable accessory.