Art Work

HIKAMI  YONMARU -junmai Daiginjo
Maria Hirokawa
Alcoholic beverage
HIKAMI YONMARU -junmai Daiginjo Application company: SHISEIDOMaria Hirokawa

JPDA / JP-1155

Client: Suisen Shuzo
Credit Titles:
Creative Director: Naomi Yamamoto Package Art Director: Maria Hirokawa Graphic Art Director: Ikki Kobayashi Producer: Sachiko Takamine Bottle: Seieido Printing Co., Ltd. Wrapping Paper: Tozan Washi Client: Suisen Shuzo
After the Tohoku Earthquake in 2011, Shiseido provided support to Rikuzen Takata City in Iwate Prefecture, working with the sake brewery there called Suizen Shuzo. The packaging is carefully crafted with the love and dedication of the people of Tohoku. Its design expresses the abundance of nature and conveys the very best of Iwate.